282mpg Renault Eolab concept for Paris show

Renault will show off its hyper-efficient Eolab concept car the Paris Motor Show in October. Renault claims the petrol-electric hybrid is capable of returning 282mpg and emitting 22g/km of Co2.

Renault says the Eolab contains nearly 100 technological innovations that will be seen on production Renault’s “before 2020.” Further, the styling previews a new supermini that will go on sale within the next decade. So this may well be the next Clio.

The concept responds to the French government’s challange to put a car capable of 141mpg on the market by 2020. The Eolab is reportedly capable of 282mpg. To achieve that remarkable figure, Renault’s engineers concentrated on refining the aerodynamics and taking as much weight out of the car as possible.

The Renault Eolab uses variable ride height, active wheels that react to brake temperature, active spoilers and aero-optimised bodywork to achieve a drag factor of 0.235 Cd, a 30 per cent improvement over the current Clio.

Nearly 400kg has been shaved off the weight of the equivalent Clio, too. There are many lightweight materials in the bodyshell and the interior – 12kg has been lost from the seats, while the magnesium roof panel weighs just 4.5kg. A compact brake system saves 14.5kg and the fixed bonnet, another 2.5kg. As a result, the Eolab tips the scales at just 955kg.

Powering the Eolab is petrol-electric drivetrain consisting of a 1.0-litre three-cylinder SCe petrol engine, producing 74bhp and 70lb/ft, and a 67bhp, 148lb/ft electric motor.

The motor itself is integrated into the housing of the clutchless three-speed transmission, saving more weight and increasing efficiency. Battery power alone provides a range of about 40 miles.

Inside the Eolab is a height adjustable instrument panel, consisting of two smartphone-sized screens, while the centre console houses an 11-inch tablet-esque touchscreen based on Renault’s current R-Link system. The screen controls the vast majority of the car’s functions and displays real-time efficiency data.

The exterior uses “flowing, sensual lines,” with a pinched-in waist at the rear to aid the aero. It looks good, too. The wheels are 19-inch carbon-aluminium items, shod with low-rolling resistance Michelin tyres.

It will be very interesting to see how this new technology is applied across the Renault range in the next six years or so.

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Renault Eolab
Active front spoiler and rear flaps optimise Eolab’s aero on the move
Renault Eolab
Thinner trim and plastics containing air bubble save weight
Renault Eolab
Seats save 12kg and 30mm in the Eolab’s length
Renault Eolab
Carbon-aluminium wheels shod in low-rolling resistance 145/45 R17 tyres


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