Meet the 400bhp Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport concept

Another day, another Worthersee show car. But then the four-day event in Austria is the biggest Volkswagen show in Europe, possibly the world, so you would expect the various VW Group brands to show off their latest wild ideas.

Volkswagen has gone to Worthersee with this, the hybrid-powered Volkswagen Golf GTE Sport. Looks a lot like the Vision Gran Turismo concept from last year, doesn’t it?

The body (hints for Golf Mk.8 and/or Scirocco Mk.4, perhaps?) is made entirely from carbonfibre. Particular attention was paid to the aerodynamics, though we suspect more given to the elaborate doors. Like the XL1 ultra-eco car, the doors hinge up and forward, taking the sills and a large section of roof with them.

Inside the two-seat interior, driver and passenger sit a long way back towards the middle, as they are in racing/rally cars. A central spar clad in alcantara separates them; race car inspired it may be, but it’s rather more lavishly trimmed than the average racing driver’s office. In that it actually is trimmed. I mean, race cars make sensory deprivation tanks look sumptuous.

Under the bonnet is the 296bhp, 1.6 TSi engine from the Polo R world rally car, coupled to a six-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox. Built into the gearbox housing is an electric motor sending 113bhp and 243lb/ft of toque to the front axle. And at the back is another electric motor for the axle, producing 113bhp and 199lb/ft. Total system power is pegged at 396bhp and 494lb/ft.

There’s various driving modes to choose from; range on electric power only is around 31 miles, while combined economy of 141mpg is claimed. But what we really want to know is how fast it is with everything turned on. In GTE mode VW claims 0-62mph in 4.3 seconds and a top speed of 174mph.

How relevant any this is to VW’s road cars remains to be seen. It already builds a sporty-ish 200bhp Golf GTE hybrid and an extreme 400bhp Golf R400 is expected in the near future. This ties those threads together, but whether or not it actually means anything is anyone’s guess.

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