£1.8m Aston Martin Vulcan track car revealed

This is Aston Martin’s answer to the McLaren P1 GTR and Ferrari FXX K, the Aston Martin Vulcan.

Like the McLaren and Ferrari, the Vulcan is a limited-run, track-only hypercar, with a bespoke programme of driver training and track days thrown in for the reported £1.8 million price tag.

Unlike its rivals, though, the Vulcan relies entirely on naturally aspirated internal combustion to produce its prodigious power – there’s no turbo or hybrid trickery here.

Under the bonnet lives the ultimate evolution of Aston’s V12 engine; a front-mid mounted, 7.0-litre unit producing “800-plus bhp.” Performance figures will be released later, something McLaren and Ferrari won’t do, and you can expect them to be… considerable.

The styling was done entirely in-house, led by Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman. Aston says the design language points the way to the next generation of sports cars, due to start arriving in 2016, which will be more distinct from the GT range than they currently are.

The monocoque chassis and bodywork is made entirely from carbonfibre, co-developed with specialists Multimatic and fitted with an FIA-compliant rollcage.

A magnesium torque tube carries a carbon prop shaft, while the limited-slip differential and six-speed sequential gearbox are related to those in the Vantage GTE racing car.

Suspension is by track-derived pushrods, with Multimatic adjustable dampers and front and rear anti-rolls bars. The driver can vary the level of ABS of traction control intervention, as well. The brakes are carbon cermaic discs, 380mm at the front, 360mm at the rear, with Brembo calipers.

Just 24 Vulcans will be built, with production starting towards the end of this year. Aston Martin CEO, Dr. Andy Palmer, indicated there has already been strong interest in the car, which will be sold exclusively to VIP customers.

It will be on display at the Geneva Motor Show next week and is expected to complete demonstration runs at Le Mans in June.

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